YOP Requirements

Download the appropriate audition requirements below. You may only audition for one ensemble. Learn more about the ensembles!

Auditions for 2018-19 are now closed. The excerpts below are samples only. Updated audition materials for 2019-20 will be posted in the Spring of 2019. 

Camerata Strings

Sample Camerata Rating Sheet

Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass

Youth Concert Orchestra

Sample YCO Rating Sheet

Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass

Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bassoon

Horn | TrumpetTrombone | Tuba | Percussion

Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra

Sample RSYO Rating Sheet

Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass

Flute/Piccolo | Oboe | Clarinet/Bass Clarinet | Bassoon

Horn | Trumpet | Trombone | Bass Trombone | Tuba

Percussion | Harp

String Sinfonietta

NO formal Audition required, however successful students will have mastery over the following requirements.

Interested in joining String Sinfonietta?  Complete the inquiry form.

Scale Requirements
All Strings: G, D, & C major, 2 octaves preferred (Bass=1 octave)

Fundamental Requirements
All Strings: First position notes on all 4 strings
Violins: some basic 3rd position on the E string
Cellos: some basic 2½ and 3rd position on the A string
Basses: some basic 2½ and 3rd position on the G string (high C/D) area)

Notation knowledge
Eighth, quarter, half & whole notes, dotted rhythms
Time signatures: 4/4 & 3/4 time
All strings must be able to play 2-note slurs