Gustav Highstein◆

Principal, oboe

Gustav Highstein is Principal Oboist of the Richmond Symphony. He studied under the direction of Richard Woodhams at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. His major teachers include Alfred Genovese, Lois Wann, and John Ferrillo. He has played with a number of American orchestras on oboe and English horn including the Minnesota Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Coming from a family of musicians, he played regularly with his brother, mother, and grandmother growing up. Through music, he has had the chance to travel the world, playing in a variety of countries from Japan to France, from Scandinavia to Switzerland, and throughout the United States.

Highstein has been on the Music Faculty of the University of Richmond since 2005. In addition to his musical studies, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Yale University.


◆ on leave of absence