Campaign 20X20

As detailed in our 2020 strategic plan, we envision growing the Richmond Symphony’s endowment to $20 million by the year 2020, and are excited by all that would make possible. “20 x 20” is our focus – It would mean more impact, higher quality education, more programmatic outreach and an even higher level of musical performance. This bold goal can only be achieved with your help, investment and belief in our vision to change lives through the power of music. We ask you to consider a gift that will resonate community-wide, long after our 60th anniversary and the final triumphant note of this campaign has sounded.

Imagine what we could all do – and experience – together.

The Richmond Symphony changes lives through the power of music, engaging our community and giving audiences the highest quality artistic experience possible. Now we are asking you to be a part of this effort with a pledge of support.

The Richmond Symphony has a vision for the future and we want to be confident in its success. Growing our endowment will provide a strong and reliable revenue stream and resources that will empower us to enhance the lives of generations to come through the power of music and music education.

Questions? Contact Pearl Bickersteth at, 804-788-4717 ext. 146.