2021-22 YOP Virtual Audition Process


New Student Auditions will take place on Tuesday, August 10. We will be opening audition signups soon. Please fill out our “Intent to Audition” form to be contacted when sign-ups open. 

2021 – 22 Audition Requirements


Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program Auditions


We are holding in-person New Student Auditions on Tuesday, August 6. Our live audition will consist of Scales, Prepared Pieces (including excerpts and/or solos), and Sight-reading.

Email with any questions.



  1. View the audition materials on the RSYOP Audition Info Page to determine the ensemble for which you would like to audition.
  2. Sign up for a live audition time. Deadline for audition sign-up the Friday before your chosen audition date.

    *Audition sign-up links will be posted soon, fill out our “Intent to Audition” for to be notified when sign-ups are open.*

  3. Fill out and submit the Student Info Google Form
  4. On the day of your audition, Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your designated audition time to warm up. You will be escorted to the audition room when it is your turn.



Can I audition for more than one ensemble? We only allow students to audition for one ensemble.  We highly recommend that you consult with your  private teacher or band/orchestra directly to help determine the ensemble for which you should audition. 

If I am not accepted into my desired ensemble, can I qualify for another? Yes! If a student is not recommended for the ensemble for which they auditioned, they will very likely receive one of the following recommendations: 

  • Waitlisted to that ensemble
  • Recommended to a Lower Ensemble

Is financial aid offered for tuition? Yes! We want every student with the desire to participate in the Youth Orchestra Program, regardless of their ability to pay. Parents interested in applying for financial aid can do so by filling out the financial aid application, which will be available after audition results are released.

When will audition results be released? Audition results will be sent by email in early July.

Items to note before registering to audition:

  • August auditions will be held to fill vacancies in the ensembles and are only open to new students.
  • Review the audition requirements and select an ensemble to audition for before completing the application.
  • Students interested in joining String Sinfonietta in the fall should submit an inquiry form to receive information about joining.

Current YOP Students: Advancement auditions will take place in May/June only. Current YOP students (enrolled in 20-21 season) are not eligible to audition during August New Student Auditions.