Who We Are

The Richmond Symphony Foundation

President, Mr. George Y. Wheeler, III
Vice President, Mr. Jose Luis Murillo
Treasurer, Mrs. Tara Matthews
Secretary, Lacey Huszcza
Donor Relations Director, Richmond Symphony Foundation, Trish Poupore

Mrs. Maureen M. Ackerly
Mr. Thomas N. Allen
Mr. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Mr. David B. Bradley
Mrs. Ann T. Burks
Mr. David M. Carter
Mr. Robert L. Chewning
Mr. Ellis M. Dunkum
Mr. Wendell B. Fuller
Mrs. Carolyn H. Garner
Mrs. Krissy Gathright
Mr. James B. Hartough
Mrs. Marlene D. Jones
Ms. Helen Lewis Kemp, Esq.
Mr. Nico De León
Mr. George L. Mahoney
Mr. Wallace B. Millner, III
Dr. Richard L. Morrill
Mr. Randall S. Parks
Mr. Ernesto Sampson
Mr. Richard M. Smith

The Richmond Symphony Foundation is organized and established exclusively for cultural and charitable purposes benefiting the Richmond Symphony through its endowment. Gifts or bequests may be made to the Richmond Symphony Foundation’s endowment, c/o Richmond Symphony, 612 East Grace Street, Suite 401, Richmond, VA 23219. Tax ID Number: 54-1514987