General YOP FAQ

Where and when do the ensembles rehearse?

Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra: Tuesdays 4:45 – 7pm @ Dominion Energy Center

Youth Concert Orchestra: Tuesdays 4:45 – 6:45pm @ Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

Camerata Strings: Tuesdays 4:45 – 6:30pm @ Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

String Sinfonietta: Tuesdays 4:45 – 6:15pm @ Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

Wind Ensemble: Tuesdays 4:45 – 6:30pm @ Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School



How many performances do the ensembles present each season?

Sinfonietta, Camerata and YCO present two performances in the Carpenter Theatre each season (December and May)
Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra presents three performances in the Carpenter Theatre each season (November, February and May).

All ensembles will typically present one concert in the community during the season.

What fees are involved with YOP?

There are 3 fees charged for YOP: Tuition, Activity Fee, and Concert Package. The Activity Fee covers the cost of a YOP T-Shirt and end-of-year Pizza Party and the Concert Package covers the rental of Carpenter Theatre so that all YOP concerts are free for friends and family! Rates for the 2019-20 Season are below:

Ensemble                                                                              Total       (Tuition/Concert Package/Activity Fee)          
Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra (RSYO)             $636.88     ($511.38/$95/$30)
Youth Concert Orchestra (YCO)                                    $549          ($429/$95/$25)
Camerata Strings (CS)                                                   $495.38     ($375.38/$95/$25)
String Sinfonietta (SS)                                                        $432          ($312/$95/$25)
Wind Ensemble                                                                      $495.38      ($375.38/$95/$25)

Is there any financial assistance available?

Yes! In an effort to ensure that participation in YOP is accessible to all students regardless of their ability to pay, we are proud to offer a number of tuition assistance programs:

1. Financial Aid
Financial Aid will be applied based on a sliding scale; families may be eligible for 25%, 50%, 75% or 90%
tuition assistance. Click here to download the Financial Aid Application.
2. Work Study
Work study opportunities are available for students participating in the Richmond Symphony Youth
Orchestra (RSYO). The work study program offers students to volunteer as assistants in the RSO offices in
exchange for a tuition waiver for the current YOP season. Applications are reviewed at the beginning of
each season. Apply to be a student rep here. 
3. Parent Representatives
Parent Representatives are a vital ingredient for the success of YOP. Parent representatives are present at
every rehearsal to supervise check-in, set-up, announcements, and dismissal. A tuition waiver will be
granted for one child of the parent representative in YOP for the current year. Applications are reviewed at
the beginning of each season. Apply to be a parent rep here.

Are students required to take private lessons?

Private lessons are not required, however they are strongly encouraged for all of our students to help
advance their skills.

Are students required to be in the school orchestra/band?

Yes! The Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program is very proud to support music education at all levels, and
our policy has always been that Youth Orchestra musicians must participate in their school’s band and/or orchestra
program, if class instruction is offered for their instrument. A Teacher’s signature required during enrollment period.



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