Who We Are


Who We Are



What is your favorite piece of classical music? OR Who is your favorite artist?

What aspect of your role at the Richmond Symphony do you love the most?

  David J.L. Fisk
Executive Director
804-788-4717 ext. 101
dfisk (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Gail Robinson
Director of Finance & Administration
804-788-4717 ext. 103
grobinson (@) richmondsymphony.com

Barber’s Adagio for Strings is my favorite classical piece, but my first love in music is, of course, Bruce Springsteen (so very many songs to choose from, but I think Rosalita is my favorite!).

I want to be known around town for providing unparalleled accuracy in our financial reporting.  I love giving people what they want, quickly, when it comes to all sorts of financial matters. The best part is while I could practice accounting anywhere, I get to do so with an amazing group of people as we all work together to bring world class music to this great city.

  Shacoya Henley
Accounting & Human Resources Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 110
shenley (@) richmondsymphony.com
My favorite artist is Israel Houghton


  Laura Bordner Adams
Director of Orchestral Operations
804-788-4717 ext. 105
ladams (@) richmondsymphony.com

Holst The Planets

The best part of my job is seeing the final product on the stage, being performed well, with no glitches (at least apparent to the audience).

  Jeff Adams
Production Manager
jeffadams (@)
  Matthew Gold
804-788-4717 ext. 107
mgold (@) richmondsymphony.com

I’d say my favorite composer would be Prokofiev. And Beethoven. But ooooh, Bach. Yes, Bach. Wait. Mozart. Final answer, Mozart. Oh, but Bartok is such a genius. And Stravinsky! Yeah, of course! How long do I get to decide?

This orchestra is a force of some of the world’s most highly skilled musicians, who dedicate their lives to seeing that every performance, no matter what the venue, is up to the highest artistic standard imaginable. They do all this to deliver our crowd exactly what it is about this music that we love so much. Anyone who walks through our doors leaves each show a different person than who walked in.

  Pete Mathis
Operations Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 106
pmathis (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Brent Klettke
Special Events & Assistant Production Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 112
bklettke (@) richmondsymphony.com

It’s hard to choose just one. I really enjoy Barber, Copland, Respighi and Mahler but I would have to say Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite”.

For me after all the hard work to prepare for a concert, be it in the concert hall or outside at the Big Tent, to step back and see the audience truly enjoying the show. That makes it worth the effort and brings meaning to what we do.

  Kevin Estes
Personnel & Operations Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 108
kestes (@) richmondsymphony.comInterested in playing with the Richmond Symphony? Submit your information here:
Substitute Musician Application
Favorite Composer Steve Reich

Advancement & Patron Communications

  Scott Dodson
Director of Advancement & Patron Communications
804-788-4717 ext. 120
sdodson (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Pearl Bickersteth
Individual Giving & Special Events Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 116
pbickersteth (@) richmondsymphony.com

My favorite composer is Hans Zimmer. I love all his film scores.

I love working with a great group of people. Everyone here is hardworking, dedicated and super fun to be around. That atmosphere makes for a great work environment.

  Caitlin DiBenedetto
Grants Assistant
804-788-4717 ext. 109
cdibenedetto (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Beth Anne Enright
Advancement &Board Relations Coordinator
804-788-4717 ext. 102
baenright (@) richmondsymphony.com

It’s a toss-up between The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

I love connecting with people through music, and seeing firsthand how great of an impact the Richmond Symphony has on the Richmond community, especially at Big Tent community festivals!

  Aaron Frisbie
Box Office Assistant & Office Manager
804-788-1212 ext. 113
aaronfrisbie (@) richmondsymphony.com

César Franck ,Violin Sonata in A major: Allegro

The best part about role at the Richmond Symphony is talking to patrons about our programming, and helping them find concerts that fit their preferences!

  Erin Frye
Marketing & Public Relations Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 121
efrye (@) richmondsymphony.com

Richard Bona, Bon Iver, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, India Arie and so many more.

My favorite part of working for the Richmond Symphony is being part of a team of passionate people who strive to ensure that every member of our community has access to music and the arts.

  Christina Hairston
Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer
804-788-4717 ext. 117
chairston (@) richmondsymphony.com

Erykah Badu, hands down!

The best part of my role is having the opportunity to create and implement a strong visual identity that represents a great organization comprised of many amazing artists.

  Kira Hiller
Senior Manager of Patron Services & Sales
804-788-4717 ext. 148 khiller (@) richmondsymphony.com

I am a sucker for movie soundtracks, my favorite being from Pride and Prejudice (2005), which also ties in nicely with my love of books!

My favorite aspect is chatting with our patrons, especially when I get to meet them in person.

  Kathryn Pullam
Senior Manager of Institutional Giving
804-788-4717 ext. 114
kpullam (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Liesel Reussner
Special Events Assistant
804-788-4717 ext. 146
lreussner (@) richmondsymphony.com

My favorite piece of classical music is the Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau) by Johann Strauss II. I could dance to it for days! I also love Bach – especially on the organ.

The best part of my job is getting to work with people of all backgrounds within the community and connecting with them through a passion of mine – music! I truly enjoy event planning and am excited that I get to go to work each day to do something that I love that also supports the arts.

  Cheryl Yancey
Richmond Symphony Foundation
804-788-4717 ext. 115
cyancey (@) richmondsymphony.com

I have too many favorite classical works and artists to name just one in each category – my taste in music is very eclectic!”

“Regarding my favorite part of working at the Richmond Symphony? The music and the people – that says it all!

Education & Community Engagement

  Aimee Halbruner
Director of Education & Community Engagement
804-788-4717 ext. 143
ahalbruner (@) richmondsymphony.com

I have so many favorites, but Rachmaninoff and Brahms always seem to find a top spot on my playlists. As does Prince. And I love any performance by Martha Argerich – but especially the middle movement of the Ravel piano concerto. Heaven. OK, I can’t name a favorite, obviously.

The best part of my job is working with the amazing musicians, teachers, conductors, staff and students in our programs.  Whether I’m at a performance in Carpenter, a rehearsal at MLK Middle, or a class at Summer Hill Preschool, I am always inspired and proud to be part of this great organization.

  Corinne Smith
Youth Orchestra Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 144
csmith (@) richmondsymphony.com
 My favorite piece of classical music is the Elgar Cello Concerto – passionate, bold, emotional. I also love Copland, too.
  Jonathan Sanford
Education Coordinator
804-788-4717 ext. 145
jsanford (@) richmondsymphony.com
Kristen Allegood
Community Partnerships Manager
kallegood (@) richmondsymphony.com
  Christie-Jo Adams
Youth Orchestra Program, Conductor
cadams2  (@)rvaschools.net

My favorite composer is Vivaldi.

I love that I have the opportunity to work with the best students in the region and to be a part of their early years in their musical career.

  Christopher Moseley
Youth Orchestra Program, Conductor
clmoseley (@)henrico.k12.va.us

Wynton Marsalis.

The opportunity to work with the students and to see the reactions of the students, parents, and supporters after a wonderful performance.

  Matthew Wilson
Youth Orchestra Program, Conductor
mawilson (@)henrico.k12.va.us
  Rebecca Jilcott
Youth Orchestra Program, Conductor
rebecca_jilcott (@)ccpsnet.net

Debussy Monet Degas.

Working with students who really want to be better performers.

Richmond Symphony Chorus

  Barbara Baker
Chorus Manager
804-788-4717 ext. 109
bbaker37 (@) verizon.net