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  • Date Saturday, April 25, 2020
  • Time 10:00 am
  • Venue Facebook Live

Join us on Facebook LIVE this Saturday, April 25th at 10am for our Music Marathon virtual fundraiser. Tune in for a virtual marathon of continuous music from our musicians, staff, Board and League members, and youth orchestra playing for you LIVE from their homes to yours! We have surprise guests, fun facts, secrets you never knew, opportunities to interact and ask questions, fabulous classics and unknown gems in the repertoire and lineup for the day.

Help us continue to bring music to the Richmond community! Make a contribution in support of the Music Marathon here.

The recent concert cancellations from COVID-19 have had a dramatic financial impact and we are struggling to make ends meet while also supporting all of our musicians and staff.  This is where you can help! Donations raised during the Music Marathon go to support our dedicated musicians as we continue to find ways of delivering the music we all love to the Richmond community and beyond during this time.

Alongside our musicians, staff, donors, and fans, we are weathering this storm together. Support this weekend’s Music Marathon and help us keep the music playing!

We play where you stay.

Click here for more information about RVA Symphony at home!

Thank you to those who supported the symphony during the Music Marathon:

Adam Hohl
Alana Carithers
Alexandra and Jeremy Byrum
Alice Kim
Alice McClure
Alison Bitner
Alison Eckis
Allen Higbee
Amanda Sirianni
Amanda Wells
Amarilys Irizarry
Amy Atticks
Amy Cook
Amy Wells
Andrew Town
Anjali Lind
Ann and Dave Voss
Ann Samford
Anna Bledsoe
Anne Creasy
Anne Hennessey
Anonymous (9)
Anya Campbell
Ardyth J. Lohuis
Ariel Gilley
Arlene Barkley
Ashley Moore
Barbara C. Batson
Barbara Hobbs
Barbara Jones
Ben Raydo
Beth Jones
Bethany Denlinger
Beverly McCormack
Blagoy Borissov
Bo Brown
Brad and Frazier Armstrong
Caitlin O’Dwyer
Carl and Elizabeth Schmidt
Carla Ruffin
Carly Griffith
Carmen V. Rodriguez
Carol Armstrong
Carol Lo
Caroline McNamara
Carolyn Pitts
Carolyn Pitts
Carroll Swenson
Casey Billups
Catherine S. Plotkin
Catherine Wagner
Cathleen Yablonski
Chad Gossett
Charity Myers
Charles Staples
Charlotte Roberts
Cheryl Zando
Chris and Tara Matthews
Christa Wright
Christopher Espy
Christopher Gilley
Christopher Hartnett
Christopher Lindbloom
Christopher W. Lindbloom and Nancy G. Powell
Claire Watts
Cole and Davis Gaucher
Corinne Crowley
D & C Porfilio
Daisy Hu
Dana and Adam Gresko
Daniel Keller
Daniel Moebs
Daniel Myssyk
Dave Anderson
David Dickson
Deborah Torp
Dennis Henson
Diane and Jim Stone
Diane Huss
Don & Shari Rethman
Donna Jacobi
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Gianfortoni
Dr. Elisabeth M. Wollan
Kathy & Gene Hickok
Ed Galloway
Elena Ferranti
Elisabeth Larson
Elizabeth Accashian
Elizabeth Do
Emily Eaton
Emily King
Emily Smith
Erin and Matt Lano
Erin Freeman
Ethan D. Lindbloom
Faye W. Holland
Fran Topper
Frances Sterling
Gail & David Robinson
Gail Henshaw
Gail Williams
Garret Westlake
Gary and Martha Smith
Gayle Hunter Haglund
Gerri Coggins
Gretchen Curreri
Heather Baldwin
Heather Beckmann
Helen Coulson
Helen Winn
Henry Ayon Paula Desel
Ian Baldwin
Ironclad Coffee Roasters
Jack Nelson
James Allen
James Loving
James Schuyler and Frank Dellinger
Jan Altman
Jan and Jane Hall
Jan Powell
Jane Kornegay Eng and Carl J. Eng
Janet Coon
Jared Miller
Jaron & Jennifer Clay
Jeanie Murrow
Jeanne and Alan Lapierre
Jeff & Jan Dowdell
Jeff Elhai and Wan-Ling Chiu
Jeffrey Baker
Jenna Lea Anderson
Jennifer Arnold
Jennifer Lawson
Jenny Anderson
Jeremy Hoffman
Jim and Peri Pearson
Jim Sundra
Joan Nelson
Joanna Hulsey
Jodi Valo Gray
Jody Bishop
Joe Murillo
Joe Shocket
Johanna Beaver
John & Benedicte Whitworth
John and Christina Gossett
John Bowman
John Richardson
John Stafford
Judith Lannan
Judy Smith
Kara Somers
Karen and David Soule
Karin Foster
Karine Gonçalves
Katherine Albrecht
Katherine Oliver
Katherine Stenner
Kathie Reinoehl
Kathleen Redmond
Kathy Jolley
Kathy Pritchard
Katie Cottrell
Kelley Lane
Kenna and John Payne
Kimberly Sparr
Krista Betteridge
Kristin Clarke
Laura Inscoe
Laura Lee Wills
Lauri Rotella
Lawrence and Rose Haake
Lawson and Joanne Sherman
Leslie Long
Leslie Sanford
Lilli Benko
Linda Castle
Linda Warren
Lindsay Beard
Lisa Burrs
Lisa Byrd
Lisa Lyons
Lisa Niemeier
Lisa Porter
Liz Tighe
Lori Smithson
Louise Bates
Ludi Webber
Luis Taboada
Lynn Spitzer
Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
Maria Elena Gallegos
Martha Cole Glenn
Mary and Joe Rotella
Mary Denny Wray
Mary Joliss Smith
Mary LaBarr
Mary Lloyd and Randy Parks
Mary Lou Sommardahl
Matt Edwards
Matthew and Susan Williams
Megan Vogel
Melissa Bingham Wolford
Melissa Gold
Melissa Hawks
Meredith Riley
Meta and John Braymer
Michael Boyd
Michael Simpson
Michael Wu
Michele Guyer
Michelle & Claiborne Irby
Mike O’Brien
Miriam Fogel
Mona Wu
Monika Patton
Mr. Al Casper and Mrs. Jill Casper
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Klettke
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Riddle
Mr. and Mrs. David Huddle
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rennolds
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wu
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Norvelle
Mr. and Mrs. John Dowling
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fawley
Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Burks Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Breakall
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lannan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Koertge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith III
Mr. Colin Henty
Mr. Dave Hensley
Mr. John Gotschalk
Mr. John Sarvay
Mr. Leland Lew
Mr. Mehmet C. Camurdan
Mr. P. Kellach Waddle
Mr. Paul Pietrowski
Mr. Pete Mathis
Mr. Prabir Mehta
Mr. Rick Fox
Mr. Timothy Clausing
Mr.Joshua and Dr.Susan Bennett
Mrs. Alison Hall
Mrs. Leslie Maloney
Mrs. Lisa Orlosky
Mrs. Marcey Webb Leonard
Ms. Ann Burdick
Ms. Barbara L. Baker
Ms. Candace Boyce and Mr. Peter Eisenhauer
Ms. Celeste Hope
Ms. Christy Pierce
Ms. Jennifer Paules
Ms. Judith C. Warrington
Ms. Karen Friend
Ms. Mary N. Boodell
Ms. Maura Scott & Mr. Brian Lansing
Ms. Molly Sharp and Ms. Linda Anderson
Ms. Nancy Hsu
Ms. Priscilla A. Burbank and Mr. Michael J. Schewel
Ms. Valentina Peleggi
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Cary
Nicoletta Moss
Pamela Seay
Pat Shutterly
Patricia Reddington
Paul C Tuttle
Paul Kondracki
Paul Neumann
Pedro Szalay
Peter McElhinney
Peter O’Connor
Phillip Johnson
Phyllis Gasser
Randy Wyckoff
Rhonda Laakso
Richard Zak
Rick Sample & Celia Refalko
Robert Harris and Kathleen Hunter
Robin Chamberlin
Roger, Rachel, & Prudense Reynolds
Ronald and Betty Neal Crutcher
Ronald Lannan
Ruth & Richard Szucs
Ryan Lannan & Susy Yim
Samantha Sawyer
Samuel Koo
Sandra and John Christian
Sandy Cooper
Sara and Andrew Henshaw
Sarah Gill
Sarah Johns
Sarah Russell-Hunter
Scott Dodson and Kara McCallum
Scott Hayes
Sharon Jadrnak and Kevin Kessler
Sharon Larkins-Pederson
Shawn Hatton and Chris Valdez
Sheila Chandler
Simon Sibelman
Soonjoo Uh
Stacy Matthews
Stephanie Mabry
Stephen Bae
Stephen Read
Suresh Madapoosi
Susan Bagot
Susan H. Williams
Susan Vandenhoff
Suzanne Makarem
Ted Heller
Thomas Gay
Thomas Jostlein
Tiffany Valvo
Veronica and Jerry Wauford
Victoria Davis
Victoria Hauser
Victoria Yoder
Vincent Esposito
Walker Rogers
Walter Bitner & Melanie Delvalle
William Miller
William Murphy