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  • Date Thursday, August 3, 2017
  • Time 6:30 pm
  • Venue Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse
  • Musicians Zachary Guiles, trombone

    Yin Zheng, piano

    Pascale Delache-Feldman, double bass
    (GSIM International Faculty)

    Aleksandr Haskin, flute/piccolo
    (GSIM International Faculty)
  • HOLST Concertante
  • ELGAR ARR. SAUER Chanson de nuit, Opus 15, No. 1
    Chanson de matin, Opus 15, No. 2
  • ELGAR ARR. TIM GUILES Salut d’amour, Opus 12 for Trombone, Piano and Bass
  • ELGAR Duetto for Doublebass and Trombone
  • IAN CLARKE The Great Train Race
    Zoom Tube for Solo Flute
  • VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Suite de Ballet
  • GOOSSENS Five Impressions of a Holiday, Opus 7
    I. In the Hills
    II. By the Rivers
    III. The Water Wheel
    IV. The Village Church
    V. At the Fair
  • BRITTEN ARR. TIM GUILES Ploughboy for Trombone, Piano, and Piccolo

This concert is presented in partnership with the VCU Global Summer Institute of Music and features Zachary Guiles, trombone; Yin Zheng, piano; Pascale Delache-Feldman, double bass; and Aleksandr Haskin, flute/piccolo. The group will perform pieces by Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst, Eugene Goossens, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Ian Clarke, and Benjamin Britten.

The 2017 Summer Series is a collaboration among the Richmond Symphony, the University of Richmond Department of Music, and VCU | School of the Arts | Department of Music, and is made up of six casual, one-hour evening concerts featuring the theme of The Flower of England: From the Empire Through the Wars.

Tickets are $18 for Adults and $12 for Children under 18 and College Students. Cash bar available. 

Save 10% off single tickets with a Summer Sampler subscription of 3+ concerts.


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