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Chorus Audition Info & FAQ

The Richmond Symphony Chorus holds semi-annual auditions for prospective sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. Click HERE for detailed audition information and to sign up.

General Information

For the audition, we will ask you to perform prepared repertoire, to vocalize, and to demonstrate skill in rhythmear training, and language acquisition. The first 10 minutes of your audition will be in a group/choral setting.  Then, you will individually visit rooms for vocalizing, rhythm, ear training, and language.  We believe that the breadth of this list gives each singer the opportunity to demonstrate what they would contribute to the Richmond Symphony Chorus.  See below for details, materials, and guides to help you do your best.  There will be a few minutes between each of these sessions when you will need to wait while others are being auditioned, so feel free to bring a book, Kindle, crossword puzzle, or anything else quiet to pass the time.  We will certainly try to keep your wait to a minimum and hope to finish hearing everyone within one hour.  Our chorus members and the audition committee fully understand the stress of going through an audition and will do all they can to put you at ease.  We hope you may even enjoy the audition!  Thank you for your interest in joining the Chorus and for your willingness to audition.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Contact Barbara Baker at bbaker37@verizon.net.

I'm not a trained musician. Would I still be able to audition for the Chorus?

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are trained and working as music educators and choir directors, but the majority have developed a love of singing during their school years and have continued to find an outlet for it through church choirs and community choruses.

While we don’t ask that members be proficient in sight-reading, we do expect our members to read music and understand musical dynamics.

What kind of music does the Chorus perform?

The Chorus performs the classical repertoire typically found in a Symphony program. We also perform Christmas Pops programs and occasionally other popular music. Our emphasis, however, is on the classical choral literature.

Where and when does the Chorus rehearse?

Our rehearsal schedule is driven by the Richmond Symphony’s season programming of choral works. We usually start rehearsals in early September and continue through early December. We resume rehearsals after the start of the new year and continue into March or later.

The Chorus rehearses on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 to 10:00pm at Rhythm Hall at Richmond CenterStage, downtown at 6th & Grace Streets. Complimentary parking deck or street parking is available for rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals with the orchestra may be on Wednesday and/or Thursday and/or Friday evenings prior to a performance. Dress rehearsals are on Saturday morning or early afternoon.

How often does the Chorus perform?

We typically participate in several “Messiah” and Christmas Pops performances each year, as well as two performances of one or two masterworks program.

Are Chorus members paid or do they volunteer?

Although membership is through audition, Chorus members are volunteers. Each member receives one or two complimentary tickets to a performance in which they participate.

Is music provided or do I need to purchase it?

Music is provided, but members have the option of purchasing their scores. Members must provide their own black music folder for performances.

What is the rehearsal attendance policy?

We ask that our members attend all rehearsals. However, we understand that work and family commitments and illness will occasionally require a member to be absent. If absences become excessive, we will ask the member to withdraw from the performances.